Issue #1 Released!

It’s with great joy that we announce the premiere issue of Graceless, 117 pages of articles, interviews, and photography. Discover bold new manifestos, read of our predecessors and help us ponder what greatness the dark scene might aspire to in the future.

At the moment, it can be purchased for $6 from Createspace, the printer. It will shortly be available from Amazon and smaller distributors and stores as well. It can be downloaded for free in either print resolution (300dpi, over 100mb) or web resolution (72dpi, about 10mb).

Contents include interviews with:

Featured photographers include:

Editorials and articles include:

  • A Radical’s Guide to Spooky Music
  • How to Start a DIY Goth Night
  • Dressed to Kill: Illegal Dandyism
  • Jeepers Creepers!: The Dark Side of Victorian Childrens’ Literature
  • The Pawn Revolts: German Expressionist Horror
  • Flowers of Antimony: An Occult Correspondence
  • Perrennial Decay: Decadent Politics
  • Misogygoth, Or: Goth Misogyny
  • Gothic Consumption
  • Blah, Blah, You’re Not Unique
  • We Are Crud Goth
  • Aufgebaut aus Eingest├╝rztem: An Expatriate’s Guide to DIY Goth in Germany
  • Your Goth Is Dead: The Rise and Fall of Goth in America