We are offering free advertising in the first issue of Graceless.

Why advertising?

As a countercultural magazine, our job is to serve the underground. And while advertising has quite a stigma in radical communities, it is still something we participate in. It’s an important function to draw attention to new bands, labels, and resources.

There are many reasons not to offer advertising: for most magazines, the real customer is the advertiser instead of the reader. The content usually serves as a way to get people to read the ads. We are absolutely committed to avoiding that: the magazine, and its contents, will come first. The ads will also all be in the back of the magazine, clearly distinguished from the content.

We are also committed to curating the content of the ads, and we will only allow advertising from projects that we support.

Why free advertising?

Two reasons: one, to show that we are offering ads in the magazine because it is something we believe in, rather than something to make money off of; two, we’re an untested magazine, and we absolutely can’t guarantee a good return on investment to those who advertise in our pages. It’s hard being a small business, and we’d hate to just take some poor label’s money and not have them get anything for it.

Interested in advertising?

We’re interested in offering free ads to:
-independent labels who aren’t afraid to identify with the radical side of goth
-crafters and makers of all sorts
-political projects we can get down with
-individual bands

We are not offering ads to (but don’t necessarily intend to pass judgment on):
-retail stores, except those that are either worker-owned or are known to us personally so that we can attest to the way employees are treated.
-festivals or events with corporate sponsorship

Send an email to and let us know about your project and why you should get free advertising, and we’ll consider you!

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