Graceless is a journal of the radical gothic.


When we say “radical,” we are not speaking of a specific ideology, but we’re not talking about politics like who’s gonna vote for whom. Radical means, to us as well as the dictionary, “affecting the fundamental nature.” We’ve as little interest in mainstream politics as we do in mainstream culture. We’re looking to transform our society and our lives on a fundamental level. And while we are not interested, as a journal, in promoting one specific methodology, our focus will be, broadly, anti-authoritarian and probably tinged with left and post-left ideas. We are staunchly opposed to fascism and right-wing politics in general.


Everything dark belongs to us. When we say “gothic,” we don’t mean to speak to a specific little sub-category of a genre. Musically, we mean industrial, gothic, darkwave, coldwave, neo-folk, powernoise, alt-country, EBM, futurepop, black and gothic metal. We mean genres that don’t exist and we mean music that hasn’t been made yet. We’ve interest in the occult and we’re interested in the cold, dark of atheism. We’re interested in the Romantics and of course, the gothic.


Graceless will be a periodically released, printed journal that will be available as cheaply as we can manage and will be freely downloadable. It will feature interviews, articles, photography… all the best of radical gothic culture.

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  1. If the magazine keeps only half of what these statements promise, it will shortly become what a lot of people are looking for these days…
    All the best for the first edition, hope it will be widely available!

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