We’re looking for people willing to help provide content for Graceless. For the first issue at least, we will unfortunately not be paying anyone, least of all ourselves as editors.

Writers: We are looking for non-fiction pieces that explore the darker side of the world from a radical point of view. Whether it is a scene report on squatted gothic dance clubs or DIY fashion guides, or things that haven’t occurred to us to list as examples, we’re quite likely interested.

Bands: We’re looking for bands with goth and radical themes or members to interview. We don’t care if all of your songs are political, we don’t care if you’re famous. If you’re interesting, let us know.

Artists/Photographers: We’re looking to feature the art of various radical goths in short portolios with bios and work. Once again, the art itself doesn’t need to be politically themed. Unfortunately, the interior of the magazine is black and white, so we’re looking for work intended to be displayed in monochrome.

Everyone: We’re looking to hear what you’d like to see in Graceless, so feel free to contact us. And we’re looking for people willing to help spread the word, to table events and distribute the magazine.

contact us: graceless [at]

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