Graceless 1.5

We know that the wait for issue #2 has been long. In the meantime, we present Graceless #1.5 with new articles and reviews of current releases from No Red Seas, Haus Arfana, ohGr, Branes, March Violets, Monica Richards, Primary Colors and Skinny Puppy, and cover art from Beatrice Schleyer. Download a PDF of Graceless 1.5 here.

Upcoming material in Graceless Issue #2 includes interviews with Primary Colors, Monica Richards, Nomadic War Machine, Bestial Mouths and Belltower Bats, and Darkrad as well as a review of the Laibach and Neue Slovenische Kunst activities in London 2012. We also have contributions covering “Art from Madness”, “Real Life Vampires” (we’re serious!), “Tarot for Goths”, another installment of correspondence between Prof. Fether and Isis, more photography from Beatrice Schleyer, and coverage of recent actions by radical goths.

Issue #2

After a busy summer and fall of adventure and radical activity and then a long winter’s nap, we are currently going into production of Issue #2 of Graceless. Any contributors still needing to provide us with art work or photos, please send that in immediately.

Deadline lifted

We’ve moved to a different model with publishing the magazine: we will accept contributions continuously and release the journal roughly once a year, perhaps slightly more often. We’ve already got a ton of great content for #2 and we’re very excited about it. So feel free to contribute!

Issue #1 Released!

It’s with great joy that we announce the premiere issue of Graceless, 117 pages of articles, interviews, and photography. Discover bold new manifestos, read of our predecessors and help us ponder what greatness the dark scene might aspire to in the future.

At the moment, it can be purchased for $6 from Createspace, the printer. It will shortly be available from Amazon and smaller distributors and stores as well. It can be downloaded for free in either print resolution (300dpi, over 100mb) or web resolution (72dpi, about 10mb).

Contents include interviews with:

Featured photographers include:

Editorials and articles include:

  • A Radical’s Guide to Spooky Music
  • How to Start a DIY Goth Night
  • Dressed to Kill: Illegal Dandyism
  • Jeepers Creepers!: The Dark Side of Victorian Childrens’ Literature
  • The Pawn Revolts: German Expressionist Horror
  • Flowers of Antimony: An Occult Correspondence
  • Perrennial Decay: Decadent Politics
  • Misogygoth, Or: Goth Misogyny
  • Gothic Consumption
  • Blah, Blah, You’re Not Unique
  • We Are Crud Goth
  • Aufgebaut aus Eingestürztem: An Expatriate’s Guide to DIY Goth in Germany
  • Your Goth Is Dead: The Rise and Fall of Goth in America

Early November Update

The first issue of Graceless is coming along beautifully. We’ve already got some excellent, insightful interviews and articles, and we’re starting to hear from more and more people.

I personally hope that we’ll get the first issue out by the new year, but I have to admit that, what with the time-lag of getting things to and from a printer, it isn’t incredibly likely. Sometime in January is more realistic, but we’ll certainly continue to try.

One problem that we’re running into is that we’re not skimping on content at all: it will most likely be 108 pages of content, no ads.

So we really do need your contributions: we’re looking for columnists and photographers, bands and artists and fashion designers… anything, really. contact us at graceless [at]